Lydford on Fosse

Parish Hall

West Lydford, Somerset

Registered Charity No.: 1099268

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Website designed by Rebecca Seehra

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Lydford on Fosse Parish Hall - Summary User Guide


Parking: All vehicles must be parked in the Church car park. Should you need to load or unload awkward or heavy items into or out of the hall, you may park temporarily on the grass verge on the other side of the driveway, near the church wall. Never park on the drive itself. It is a right of way for our next door neighbour. When leaving the premises at night please leave quietly.

Lights: The Main hall, stage and outside light switches are all on a panel to the left of the main door as you enter.

Heaters: In the hall the control switches for the ceiling heaters are situated on the wall to the right as you enter the hall.  In the kitchen there is a high mounted fan heater.

All heaters are linked to coin operated electricity meters, one in the hall (£1 coins, including the new design coin) and one in the kitchen (20p coins)

Fans: Ceiling fans are installed in the hall operated from the control panel to the right as you enter the hall.

Exits: There are three exit doors, two in the hall, one in the kitchen. On arrival please turn on the ‘emergency lights’ switch to illuminate the EXIT signs above the doors.


Hot water: Hot water to the sink is controlled by the water heater in the cupboard under the sink.  Please take care, this water is HOT. Boiling water can be obtained from the wall mounted boiler next to the hatch. This takes about 15 minutes to reach temperature.

Music: The hall holds a performing rights society licence which permits the use of copyright music.

First Aid: A first Aid box can be found in the lobby

Fire: Fire doors must be kept closed, EXIT signs must be illuminated. Please ensure you know where the two fire extinguishers are situated. In the event of a fire, evacuate the hall and assemble in the car park. Call the Fire Service, the post code is TA11 7DH.


Return Equipment: Please return all equipment to its original place.

Clean: Clean any mess that has occurred

Remove Rubbish: Empty all rubbish bins including bathrooms and food recycling. There are no rubbish collections from the hall.

Switch off: Switch off all appliances, lights etc. Ensure all light switches on the main hall switch panel are in the OFF position (top part of the switch pushed in)’ Leave on the two tubular heaters in the toilets.

Close and Lock: Please ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked and blinds and curtains drawn. Return key to Booking Secretary.

Appliance operation manuals are available in the hall.

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